The Authors

Rob Napier

Rob is a builder of treehouses, hiker, proud father, and in his spare 50-60 hours a week, a Mac and iPhone developer. Cocoaphony is where he pontificates on various issues fascinating to Cocoa developers, and occasionally other topics of technical interest. You can find more information about him on LinkedIn, follow him @cocoaphony, or mail robnapier on gmail.

Mugunth Kumar

Mugunth is a independent iOS developer based in Singapore. He graduated in 2009 and holds a Masters degree from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, majoring in Information Systems. He blogs about mobile development, writing tutorials and articles focussing mostly on iOS platform (

Prior to iOS development he worked for top Fortune 500 companies consulting on Windows and .NET platforms. His core areas of interest includes programming methodologies (Object Oriented and Functional), Mobile Development and Usability Engineering.

If he is not coding, he would probably be found at some exotic place capturing scenic photos of Mother Nature. He can be reached at or skype ( or on his mobile phone (65)-9727-4850 or via twitter @mugunthkumar