The Book

Learn to build extraordinary apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

iOS is the hottest development platform around, and iOS 6 adds a new and deeper dimension to explore. This guide offers serious information for serious programmers who know the basics and are ready to dive into the advanced features of iOS. You’ll learn to create killer apps for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, including how to maximize performance and make more money from your apps with in-app purchases. Topics covered include security, multitasking, running on multiple platforms, blocks and functional programming, advanced text layout, and much more.

  • App development for iPhones and iPads is a lucrative and exciting venture; books on this topic are steady bestsellers
  • This advanced guide helps experienced developers take full advantage of the latest platform upgrade, iOS 6
  • Provides in-depth background on maximizing your apps with Apple’s iPhone SDK 6.0, including the major new APIs and building applications for the new iPad
  • Covers keeping control of multitasking, increasing income with in-app purchases, key value observing with Cocoa, running on multiple platforms, advanced text layout, building a Core foundation, and more

iOS 6 Programming: Pushing the Limits gives experienced mobile developers a wealth of knowledge for creating outstanding iPhone and iPad apps on the latest platform.

Where to Buy

Dead-tree Editions: Wiley, Amazon

Adobe eBook: Wiley

iBooks: iTunes

Kindle: (supposed to be published, but don’t have a link yet)

Reader Reviews

The reviews of iOS:PTL mean a lot to us, and we really appreciate the effort that goes into writing them. Here are some of our favorites.

Great for an experienced iOS programmer — Basically, if you’ve written a few applications and want to extend your abilities, you’ll love this book. (D. Solberg)

Fantastic guide to going beyond the basics — I’ve been developing iOS apps professionally for over 3 years now. Every chapter this book surprises and amazes me with new tricks and has opened my eyes to new techniques and ways of thinking. (Carl Veazey)

If you are who this book if for, that is someone with the background, someone who’s hopefully written an app already, then I’d recommend this book to you based only on the quality of the writing. These guys are pretty good writers and they’re pretty good at what they do. I’m betting if you work through this book you’ll wind up being pretty good at what they do too. (Shane Shogren)

This is one of the few books on iOS development which is worth it’s weight in gold. (Raj)

…if you know the basics and want to further your understandings and skills of iOS and Objective-C then this is the book for you. (David Bradshaw)

If you are a pro iOS coder or aspire to be. buy this book and read it as fast as you can. (Glenn R. Howes)

The writing is really excellent, being clear, concise, and pleasant to read. A nice change from the more average iOS books. (Gavin Scott)

I’ve gone through many iOS programming books and tutorials and you reach a point where you are comfortable enough with the basics. Then you go to write your own program and you run into all sorts of other problems in terms of how to do things in iOS dealing with online data and services. That is where this book comes in with practical examples on how to do these things and do them efficiently. (Vivek Gupta)